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My name is Dylan Hedges and I specialise in creating modern, responsive websites and web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node & React. My passion lies in Font-End development, I enjoy creating visual user interfaces and find excitement in turning ideas into interactive, clean, responsive websites & web apps. When I’m not coding I enjoy travelling, exercising and spending time with friends & family. If you choose me for your next project or to work for your organisation you will not get just a developer but someone who can communicate & work closely with you and your clients to bring your ideas to life and develop your perfect website or web app. I am open to new opportunities so if you feel you might have something of interest you can contact me directly via email or using the contact form on this site. If you want to learn more about me, my experience or the type of projects I have worked on please visit the about, projects and blog pages.


Web Development
Front End Development
Web Design
UI Development
UX Development
Cloud Computing